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J.O. Kelly Middle School


  • Designated in 2008 

  • Re-Designated in 2011, 2015, 2018  

  • Community Size -

  • Enrollment - 782

  • Grade Levels - 6, 7

  • School Calendar - Block

  • Free and Reduced Lunch 90% 

  • English Learners 46% 

  • Students With Disabilities 12%

  • Hispanic 68% 

  • White 13% 

  • African American 4% 

  • Asian 2% 

  • Native American 0% 

  • Pacific Islander 0% 

  • Filipino 0% 

  • Two or More 0% 

  • Other 2%

School Characteristics and Replicable Practices

Academic Excellence

  • Teachers implement research based instructional strategies and create rigorous learning opportunities that adhere to state standards.

  • Assessment drives instruction through data analysis of summative, formative, and interim assessments.

  • Student led conferences provide an opportunity for students to reflect on and set goals for personal growth.

  • 1:1 technology is integrated into every classroom and utilized to provide differentiation to support the development of all learners.

  • Teachers engage in content PLCs conversations driven by the assessment cycle: Select and unwrap learning outcomes, screen for prior skills, Tier 1 instruction, formative assessment, Tier 2 intervention, continue Tier 1 instruction, summative assessment, and analysis of data.

Developmental Responsiveness

  • At J.O. Kelly, we implemented a Positive Behavior Intervention System which addresses restorative practices toward student behavior.

  • Advisory is a systemic practice that provides for student-teacher relationship building, opportunities to experience enrichment as well as Tier 2 instruction.

  • Collaboration is a consistent practice for every student in both core and encore classes. Teamwork is a daily practice at J.O. Kelly.

  • Teachers engage in book studies to further their understanding of adolescent development: mentally, socially, and emotionally to enhance the culture of our school as well as the academic growth of students.

  • Students are given the opportunity through Knight Time to sign up for clubs and classes that interest them. This supports student development of self-knowledge and broadens their experiences.

  • Various leadership roles are assigned to students such as ambassadors to serve as role models for other students as well as prepare students to become contributing members of society.

Social Equity

  • Our counselors provide many resources for families that address physical, emotional, and social needs.

  • Our Snack Pack program provides additional food items for any student needing this assistance.

  • Every quarter, we implemented a building-wide practice of Team Meetings where grade level teams come together to discuss academic, mental, social, and emotional concerns of students. These meetings are also attended by the Leadership team and counselors.

  • J.O. Kelly has a systemic and fluid intervention system that promotes mastery of skills, in both literacy and math, to move students toward grade level expectations. Students are identified by clear and concise criteria.

Organizational Support

  • The Leadership team meets weekly to discuss the progress of implementing the action steps of the mission: rigorous learning, culture, teacher learning, and behavior expectations.

  • A systemic intervention system addresses the needs of all learners and is accessible to all students.

  • The Professional Learning community model is implemented across both grade levels.

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