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2023 Schools to Watch

New Schools to Watch

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Alma Middle School


Plainfield Community Middle School
Thomas Jefferson Middle School


North Carolina
Smithfield Middle School


New York
Cuba-Rushford Middle School
Marlboro Middle School
Wantagh Middle School


Chartiers Valley Middle School
Deer Lakes Middle School
Wendover Middle School


South Carolina
Blue Ridge Middle School
Carolina Springs Middle School
Leavelle McCampbell Middle School
North Central Middle School


Lincoln Middle School
Marshall Kendrick Middle School
Salvador H. Sanchez Middle School


Brambleton Middle School
Willard Middle School


Adams Middle School
Alpha: Cornerstone Academy Preparatory
Alta Loma Junior High School
Amino Florence-Firestone Middle School
Bernice Harrell Chipman Junior High
Coalinga Middle School
College Preparatory Middle School
Don Juan Avila Middle School
E.O. Green Jr. High School
East Avenue Middle School
El Rancho Charter School
Ellen Fletcher Middle School
Hollencrest Middle School
Hosler Middle School
ICEF Vista Middle Academy
James Workman Middle School
Jefferson Middle School
Kolb Middle School
March Middle School
Melva Davis Academy of Excellence
Nellie Coffman Middle School
Oxford Preparatory Academy - Saddleback Valley
Oxford Preparatory Academy - South Orange County
Palm Desert Charter Middle
Pleasant View West School
Portola Middle School
Prairie Vista Middle School
Riverview School
Robert C. Fisler School
Shoreline Middle School
The STEAM Academy @ Burke
Thomas Law Reed School
Vineyard Junior High School
Vista View Middle School
William Mendenhall Middle School
Yorba Middle School

Redesignating Schools to Watch


Cabot Middle School North - R5
Greenbrier Middle School - R2
Holt Middle School - R2
J.O. Kelly Middle School - R4
Woodland Junior High School - R2


Centennial Middle School - R2
Corwin International Magnet School - R3
Westview Middle School - R2


Lee Middle School - R3
Upson-Lee Middle School - R6


Century Junior High - R1
Evergreen Academy Middle School - R4
Hadley Junior High - R1
Libby Elementary and Middle School - R4
Little Village Academy - R4
London Middle School - R4
Westmont Junior High - R1



Ben Franklin Middle School - R1
IPS Center for Inquiry 84 - R1
Northridge Middle School - R2
Rochester Middle School - R3
Tri-West Middle School - R5



Mayfield Middle School - R2
Olmstead School - R6

North Carolina
Carmel Middle School - R6
Harold E. Winkler Middle School - R1
Hendersonville Middle School - R4
Jay M. Robinson Middle School - R6
Piedmont Open IB Middle School - R4
Rogers-Herr Middle School - R5
West Pine Middle School - R5


New Jersey

Belhaven Middle School - R3
Black River Middle School - R4
Byram Middle School - R1
Randolph Middle School - R1


New York

A.D. Oliver Middle School - R1
Carrie Palmer Weber Middle School - R4
Cosgrove Middle School - R2
Garden City Middle School - R4
Island Trees Memorial Middle School - R1
Jonas E. Salk Middle School - R1
Memorial Junior High School - R2

Plainedge Middle School - R1

Bellbrook Middle School - R3
George G. Dodge Intermediate School - R1

Boyce Middle School - R5
Fort Couch Middle School - R5

Garnet Valley Middle School - R2
Northley Middle School - R3
Ryan Gloyer Middle School - R4
Schuylkill Valley Middle School - R3
Springton Lake Middle School - R2



Alondra Middle School - R3
Alta Sierra Intermediate School - R5
Alvarado Intermediate School - R6
Arlie F. Hutchinson Middle School - R1
Carmenita Middle School - R3
Chaparral Middle School - R2
Clifton Middle School - R2
Creekview Ranch School K-8 - R1
Dartmouth Middle School - R4
El Segundo Middle School - R1
Elizabeth Pinkerton Middle School - R3
General Grant Middle School - R1
Hall Middle School - R1
Haskell STEM Academy - R2
Hawthorne Middle School - R2
Heber School - R3
Huron Middle School - R2
John F. Kennedy Middle School - R6
Kastner Intermediate School - R5
La Canada Middle School (7-12) - R3
La Paz Intermediate School - R4
Landmark Middle School - R2
Leona Jackson Middle School - R3
Los Alisos STEM Magnet Middle School - R1
Louis D. Armstrong Middle School - R5
Mountain View Middle School (Beaumont) - R1
Rancho Milpitas Middle School - R6
Rancho-Starbuck Intermediate School - R2
Ray Wiltsey Middle School - R1
Ross Academy of Creative and Media Arts - R2
San Gorgonio Middle School - R2
Silverado Middle School - R6
South Pointe Middle School - R2
Sunnymead Middle School - R2
Suzanne Middle School - R2
Tetzlaff Accelerated Learning Academy - R3
Thomas Hart Middle School - R1
Torch Middle School - R3
Twin Rivers Charter School - R1
Vista Verde Middle School - R4
Washington Academic Middle School - R4

South Carolina

Batesburg-Leesville Middle School - R1
Beck International Academy - R1
Blythewood Middle School - R5
Campobello Gramling School - R3
Castle Heights Middle School - R4
Chapin Middle - R2
Crayton Middle School - R2
H.E. McCracken Middle School - R2
League Academy for Communication Arts - R4
Mid-Carolina Middle School - R2
Muller Road Middle - R1
Palmetto Middle School - R5
Riverside Middle School - R1
Sevier Middle School - R1


Atlanta Middle School - R1
Beverly Hills Intermediate School - R3
Colleyville Middle School - R1
Ft. Settlement Middle School - R1
Haltom Middle School - R1
Harwood Junior High School - R2
Lone Oak Middle School - R4
Melillo Middle School - R2
Ricardo Estrada Middle School - R1
Roberts Middle School - R1
Rogers Middle School - R1
Sharyland North Junior High School - R2



Kearns Junior High - R4
Milford High School - R1


Eagle Ridgle Middle School - R5
Elizabeth Davis Middle School - R1
Elkton Middle School - R2
Farmwell Station Middle School - R5
Harper Park Middle School - R4
Hidden Valley Middle School - R4
J. Lupton Simpson Middle School - R2
Midlothian Middle School - R2
Montevideo Middle School - R2
River Bend Middle School - R4
St. Clare-Walker Middle School - R4
Sterling Middle School - R3
Tomahawk Creek Middle School - R2


The mission of the National Forum to Accelerate Middle Grades Reform is to unite key stakeholders to speak with a common voice to leverage research, policy, leadership, and replicable practices to drive middle grades reform.


In order to prepare students to be lifelong learners ready for college, career, and citizenship, the National Forum seeks to make every middle-grades school academically excellent, responsive to the developmental needs and interests of young adolescents, and socially equitable.


The National Forum Membership is open to individuals and individuals approved by an organization.  Three membership levels are offered with benefits, responsibilities and annual dues for each level.

Frequently asked questions

  • What types of membership are available?
    There are three types of membership: • Advocating Member (Individual) : $39 • Contributing Member (Individual) : $69 • Institutional Member (School) : $99/year or $275/3-years
  • What is the renewal schedule for Memberships?
    Membership renewals occur on the date of the initial enrollment. For Institutional Memberships, schools have the option of selecting a one-year ($99) or a three-year ($275) Institutional Membership.
  • What is Institutional Membership in the National Forum?
    Institutional Membership with the Forum is a whole-school designation available to schools that believe in and support the mission and vision of the Forum and that include one or more of the following grades – 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9.
  • Why must a school have one or more of the following grades – 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 to apply for Institutional Membership?
    Grades 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 comprise the middle grades, and the vast majority of young adolescents (those students aged 10-15) are in these grades. Since the middle grades and young adolescents are the foci of the Forum’s work, it made sense that the Forum should limit (at least initially) Institutional Membership to those schools with one or more of the middle grades.
  • Can schools that are not Schools to Watch be granted Institutional Membership?
    Yes, but they must believe in and support the Mission and Vision of the Forum and include one or more of the following grades – 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9.
  • Can schools that are not eligible to be designated as Schools to Watch be granted Institutional Membership?
    Yes, but they must believe in and support the Mission and Vision of the Forum and include one or more of the following grades – 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9.
  • How is the Forum’s Institutional Membership different from its other memberships?
    Institutional Membership differs in several ways from currently existing memberships (Contributing Memberships and Advocating Memberships): • First, Institutional Membership is a whole-school membership while the Forum’s two other memberships are for individuals only. • Second, the Institutional Membership targets schools that believe in the Forum’s Mission and Vision and have one or more of the following grades – 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9; Contributing and Advocating Memberships are for individuals who may or may not be in a School to Watch but who wish to be more active and involved in the Forum’s effort to “accelerate middle grades reform”. • Third, the Institutional Membership category provides the Forum with a mechanism to engage and communicate with a broader constituency of middle-level practitioners (nationally and internationally) than do the existing membership classifications.
  • What are the benefits of being an Institutional Member?
    The benefits of being an Institutional Member include: • The personal satisfaction of supporting the Forum in its efforts to speak with a common voice to leverage research, policy, leadership, and replicable practices to drive middle grades reform (being part of a “movement”) • Opportunities to give back to the profession (paying it forward) • Periodic reports on Forum projects to accelerate middle-grades reform • Special rates for Forum-sponsored activities • Access to all Forum publications, reports, and white papers • Access to a national network of middle-level schools that shares a common philosophy, mission, and vision.
  • Is it possible for one person to have both a Contributing Membership and an Institutional Membership?
    Technically no, since Institutional Membership is available only to an eligible school and not to an individual. That being said, a person could be both a Contributing Member and a member of a school with an Institutional Membership.
  • Must a School to Watch become an Institutional Member?
    Not at this time, but given the benefits of membership it is highly recommended that every School to Watch be an Institutional Member of the Forum.
  • Can other than public schools be Institutional Members?
    Yes, as long as they believe in and support the Mission and Vision of the Forum and that include one or more of the following grades – 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9.
  • Can an organization other than a school (e.g., philanthropic organization and state organization) have an Institutional Membership?
    No. Institutional Memberships are only for schools that believe in and support the Mission and Vision of the Forum and include one or more of the following grades – 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9.

Become a member today!

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