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Cabot Middle School South


  • Designated in 2012

  • Re-Designated in 2015, 2018

  • Community Size - Rural

  • School Enrollment - 779

  • Grade Levels - 5, 6

  • School Calendar - Traditional

  • Free and Reduced Lunch 46%

  • English Learners 2%

  • Students With Disabilities 15%

  • Hispanic 7% 

  • White 84% 

  • African American 3% 

  • Asian 1% 

  • Native American 1% 

  • Pacific Islander 0% 

  • Filipino 0% 

  • Two or More 3% 

  • Other 0%

School Characteristics and Replicable Practices

Academic Excellence

  • Cabot Middle School South has been recognized by the Office for Education Policy as a High Achieving Overall Middle School, performing within the top 10% of schools in Arkansas on standardized testing for the last four years.

  • After emphasizing writing across the curriculum for one academic year

  • Interim assessments are utilized in all subject areas to drive instruction.

  • A Wacky Wednesday schedule has been developed to include project based learning, clubs, response to intervention, and enrichment.

  • R.E.A.L. Squad, an extended learning opportunity, has been implemented twice a week in order to address student needs in the areas of literacy, math, and English language learning.

  • A homework lab is available each morning before school.

Developmental Responsiveness

  • CBI (Community Based Instruction) provides experiences with outside businesses and important community locales. Other special services offered are resource, inclusion, self-contained, LAB (Learning Appropriate Behaviors), and Gifted and Talented.

  • Students are given voice and choice with project based learning and clubs.

  • Community partnerships provide service learning through clubs.

  • Transitions are addressed with tours/visits from elementary schools and to the junior high and with participation in a Junior High Fair and a Step

  • Up Day orientation. Further, Open House, Middle School 101, and

  • Advisory are provided as opportunities to address middle school topics with parents and students.

Social Equity

  • Forty-five different clubs sponsored by teachers, parents, and community leaders are offered for students to choose from for each semester.

  • R.E.A.L. Panther assemblies are held each month to spotlight students in the areas of respect, exploration, achievement, and leadership.

  • An extra recess has been added to the daily schedule in order to promote social engagement and to intervene with struggling students.

  • Diversity and equity are represented through club topics led by club sponsors of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. Students are given opportunities to cultivate compassion for others through several clubs as well.

  • ESL (English as a Second Language) students are provided minutes with a part time ESL certified teacher and a paraprofessional as additional support in the growth of the English language.

Organizational Support

  • The school schedule has built in time for adults to collaborate and grow professionally. Professional Learning Communities with departments and teams and a Leadership Committee are set up to encourage adult learning and to analyze data, student growth, and curriculum.

  • Weekly intervention time creatively involves all adults (classroom teachers, paraprofessionals, Encore teachers).

  • Transportation is offered for the R.E.A.L. Squad after school program in order to ensure availability to all students recommended.

  • Weekly schedules address grade level needs. Fifth grade has a 75 minute block schedule with students rotating classes as an advisory.

  • Sixth grade models a junior high schedule that allows them to switch classes and mix with different students other than those within their advisory classes.

  • All students are enrolled in an advisory course. Members of the faculty take turns planning weekly lessons that will benefit the whole child.

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