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Brookland Middle School


  • Designated in 2011

  • Re-Designated in 2015

  • Community Size - Rural

  • School Enrollment - 378

  • Grade Levels - 5, 6

  • School Calendar - Block

  • Free and Reduced Lunch 37%

  • English Learners 3%

  • Students With Disabilities 8%


  • Hispanic 5% 

  • White 90% 

  • African American 2% 

  • Asian 0% 

  • Native American 0% 

  • Pacific Islander 0% 

  • Filipino 0% 

  • Two or More 0% 

  • Other 3%

School Characteristics and Replicable Practices

Academic Excellence

  • Implementation of “Zero Lab” provides an additional avenue for students to excel.

  • Availability of chromebooks for both fifth and sixth graders are housed in classrooms/

  • Teachers are trained in a variety of instructional strategies.

  • Building educators provide quality training to their colleagues in their area of expertise.

  • Online resources enhance core instruction for the classroom teacher.

  • Recognized for being in the top 20% of schools in Arkansas on state assessment results; acknowledged by the Office of Educational Performance at the University of Arkansas.

Developmental Responsiveness

  • Watch D.O.G.S program provides a way to incorporate parents into the school.

  • Second Chance Breakfast fosters the importance of health and wellness and also ensures the needs of all students are being met.

  • Career Day provides students the opportunity to discover potential occupational choices.

  • Protected Advisory time with the same adult advocate cultivates positive relationships and addresses the need of the “whole child”.

  • Parent Teacher Organization plays a vital role in assisting the school.

  • A well developed transition plan is in place for students both entering and exiting the building planning for student success.

Social Equity

  • Weekly Club Day embedded in Master Schedule in which students have a voice in choosing their student-led club.

  • Implementation of quality programs such as Zero Lab, RtI, and Red Wolves Read motivates students and fosters a culture of high expectations.

  • BMS utilizes many community partnerships enhancing opportunities for student success.

  • Differentiated instruction is a common practice in every classroom.

Organizational Support

  • Strong Student Council which allows for student voice and choice.

  • A multi-tiered RtI program is in place to support all students.

  • Professional Learning Communities are established by teams and by subject area.

  • The Master Schedule allows for teaming.

  • Central Office Personnel is supportive of the middle school concept and initiatives.

  • Principal is actively involved in promoting middle school concepts through participation in middle level organizations.

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