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Ramay Junior High School


  • Designated in 2018

  • Community Size - Suburban

  • School Enrollment - 652

  • Grade Levels - 7, 8

  • School Calendar - Traditional

  • Free and Reduced Lunch 56%

  • English Learners 7%

  • Students With Disabilities 20%

  • African American - 14%

  • Asian - 2%

  • Caucasian - 55%

  • Filipino - 1%

  • Hispanic - 16%

  • Native American - 1%

  • Pacific Islander - 1%

  • Other - 0%

  • Two or More - 9%

School Characteristics and Replicable Practices

Academic Excellence

  • Ramay works to maintain a growth mindset where… students believe they can get smarter, they understand that effort makes them stronger.

  • Ramay implements the use of S.M.A.R.T. goals: specific, measurable, attainable, results focused, time driven… using live data through bi-weekly grade checks and discussions.

  • Ramay gives students help before and after school and at lunch

  • Ramay has implemented a No Zeros policy with many opportunities to redo work.

  • Ramay addresses the individual needs of all learners through our PRIDE Time program…coteaching (SPED and ELL) to support all learners.

  • Ramay tracks data… MAPS, Common formative and summative assessments, ACT Aspire, Electronic dashboard, PLC meetings, ELLEvation - ELD Curriculum

  • Communicating with all stakeholders (emailing/calling parents, eschool, remind, google classroom, curriculum night)

  • Ramay utilizes the PLC process… Training with Solution Tree, ID essential skills, Streamline common unit plans and pacing guides, Common formative assessments, Design differentiation opportunities, PRIDE time, Cross curricular collaboration.

  • Ramay provides…Blended learning opportunities, Authentic learning opportunities, Curricula choices in 7th and 8th grades, Lessons designed to meet different learning styles, High Standards & Rigor.

Developmental Responsiveness

  • Ramay does Advisory daily with Advisory lessons about… Character building, team building, academic support, customized guidance, soft skills, behavior, reset lessons for adolescent brains.

  • Ramay utilizes Interdisciplinary teams… Discuss students, meet with students, and recognize student’s needs.

  • Ramay provides Student opportunities to be involved in school and community, Clubs, Service learning.

  • AT Ramay we provide access to a full-time school Nurse, school counselors, school resource officer, on-site therapists, social workers, school psychologist, speech therapist, academic interventionist.

  • Ramay uses Counselor lessons through classes and Needs assessment at the beginning of school and throughout the year.

  • Ramay Promotes healthy eating… FACS “my plate”… Physical education opportunities, PE classes, sports, Career Development (health, academic and career success) and access to Clubs and organizations to kids students involved and connected (more than 20).

Social Equity

  • Ramay works to build relationships & rapport with all stakeholders.

  • Ramay practices the concept of Ramay PRIDE (Being Respectful, Responsible and Safe) our Common schoolwide expectations, LiveSchool tracking system… RTI- A and RTI -B teams.

  • At Ramay we value diversity and Share culture and traditions… Foreign Language Weeks, World festival in Spring, Hispanic Heritage month, Black History month, Arkansas History month.

  • Ramay provides Extra-curricular opportunities… Field trips, Guest speakers, conferences, literacy nights, athletic events, and social events.

Organizational Support

Ramay uses its organizational structure to provide opportunities for teachers and students to flourish and give a voice to all through… Advisory Teams, Common planning times, Teacher leaders, Leadership team, Transition extravaganza for upcoming 7th graders, Advisory - small size - all educators, PBIS teams, The Tribe - student voice and student leadership, Student Council, building wide communication and celebrations.

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