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open to 2019-20 and 2020-21 new and redesignating schools to watch

There are a limited number of sessions available on June 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 29th & 30th.

See session schedule: Week 1 & Week 2

Application is now closed. Please apply only if you have been instructed to do so by a Forum board or staff member.

The last two school years have been extraordinarily challenging for educators due to the pandemic. As a result, the National Forum wants to make this event one that reenergizes middle-grades educators and celebrates the Schools to Watch community as much as it teaches educators something new.


This year, we are inviting ALL middle-grades educators to attend. Educators from potential Schools to Watch will receive valuable professional development, an introduction to the program, and encouragement to apply.


Please focus your presentation on useful programs/strategies/resources that educators can apply to their professional lives, classes, or school. Tie your session into the Schools to Watch domains:


  • Academic Excellence

  • Organizational Structures and Processes

  • Developmental Responsiveness

  • Social Equity


Sessions will be virtual over Zoom and will be one hour in length. Please build a presentation that is visual, useful, and fun! If possible, make your session interactive, as all sessions will be in Zoom meeting mode (webinar mode does not allow for interactivity).


Please note: The focus of all school presentations should be on specific practices and programs that enhance student learning and development. Presentations should not be an overview of the school, its programs, or journey to become a School to Watch, but should focus on specific programs and practices. As you prepare your presentation description and actual presentation, please use the following questions as a guide:


•  How is your school addressing your selected domain criteria? (i.e., social equity)

•  How has addressing this changed your school and impacted students’ learning and attitudes?

•  What is your vision for continuous progress?


Presentation Dates and Times

Presentations will take place virtually on June 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 29th & 30th. The times of the sessions will depend on your time zone. As this is a nationwide virtual event, we will make every effort to schedule your session at a convenient time for you.


Presentation Format

The Forum will establish the Zoom meeting and provide you with a link. You, and up to 3 co-presenters, will be given co-host access. A representative from the National Forum will act as a technical assistant and session moderator. All sessions will be recorded for later viewing.

Conference Registration

All presenters are expected to register for the conference by May 30, 2021.


Notification of Proposal

Notification of your proposal acceptance will be via email by May 14, 2021, and will include the day and time of your presentation. If you do not receive notification by this date, please contact Maryam Diaab at (800) 326-1880, ext. 108, or by email at


Please notify Maryam immediately if you are unable to present or if the names of the presenters change. Changes cannot be made after June 15, 2021.


If you have questions or concerns, contact:
Maryam Diaab at or (800) 326-1880, ext. 108.


We look forward to your session.
Thank you so much for contributing your time, energy, and expertise!

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